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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 11 (January 1, 1939)


On February 18th, New Zealand will have its first “Fitness Week.” It is paradoxical that the sponsors of this campaign—the Physical Welfare and Recreation Council—will be more than satisfied if there are no people watching the displays! They would prefer everybody to be taking part and nobody looking on!

It may seem to be stretching the long bow to say that everybody—except those in hospital or invalids—will be able to take part in this “Fitness Week,” but an analysis of what can be done will show that there is a place for everybody.

The men of advanced years will be able to participate in bowls, or fishing; mother will have croquet or bowls—yes, quite a number of the fair sex play this intriguing game; the not-so-old men will have bowls, tennis, swimming, hiking, and most of the sports to which the youth of New Zealand has a leaning. All that is needed is a resolution that each and every New Zealander shall participate in some form of physical exercise during “Fitness Week”—and, having done that, to resolve that every week in the year shall be a “Fitness Week.”

Physical exercise is not necessarily based on sporting activity—although sport is a pleasant way of “taking the medicine.” A return to a pleasant half-hour of wood-chopping or lawn-mowing would do much to restore fresh vigour to many a husband who feels that Age is creeping up on him!