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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 11 (January 1, 1939)

Model Railway Exhibit

Model Railway Exhibit.

One of the outstanding attractions of the Railway Pavilion at the Empire Exhibition at Glasgow last year was a model railway over which operated miniatures of our more famous expresses. A few weeks ago the happy thought occurred to bring this alluring show to London, and so for the Christmas and New Year holidays this fine railway exhibit was open to public inspection free of charge at Charing Cross Underground Station. The main exhibit consisted of scale models of the “Cornish Riviera,” “Coronation Scot,” “Coronation,” “Southern Belle” and other renowned trains, threading their way through a picturesque panorama representing attractive types of coastal and inland scenery. The trains were operated from a single control panel, and the display, among other features, showed automatic colour-light signalling. Also included in the exhibition were some of the newest pictorial railway posters and enlarged photographs of railway activities. Rumour has it that this outstanding exhibit is to go for display at the New York World's Fair, where the L.M. & S. Railway will feature a complete “Coronation Scot” train for the edification of our American friends.

A typical L. and N.E.R. sleeping car.

A typical L. and N.E.R. sleeping car.