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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 11 (January 1, 1939)

“A Deep Depression” Approaches

“A Deep Depression” Approaches.

The pleasant green undulations of the coast were disappearing as the Matai steamed further north. Long stretches of sand took their place, broken here and there by bold cliffs. Soon we were to be round the northernmost corner of New Zealand, and a deep depression which, according to the weather prophet appears to be always crossing the Tasman, was rapidly approaching. Cape Maria Van Diemen was fringed with heavy surf, rolling in immense volume under the impetus of a south-westerly swell. The light is on an island, so small that a big sea makes itself felt even at the comparatively sheltered landing place on the side facing the mainland. To work surf-boats just then was out of the question, so the Matai anchored, patiently awaiting an opportunity. Next morning she was rolling heavily, and the cliffs to leeward resembled a long-extended Niagara, with the cascades running up, instead of down.