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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 11 (January 1, 1939)


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A Chat About Akaroa 6061
Among the Books 4547
An S.O. Essay, or Sermons in Stones 5051
Buy New Zealand Goods Because They Are the Best 1721
Developing All New Zealand 7
General Manager's Message 8
Holiday Highlights 3435
Little Waikare 911
Neil Edwards 4956
New Zealand's Gold Coast 1215
New Zealand's Lighthouse Service 2541
New Zealand Place Names 2931
New Zealand Verse 37
Our London Letter 2223
Our Women's Section 5759
Panorama of the Playground 6263
Storied Stones 3940
The Magic Island 5455
The Massacre at Mapoutahi Pa 4344
Wit and Humour 64

The New Zealand Railways Magazine is on sale through the principal booksellers, or may be obtained post-free for 6/- per annum.

Employees of the Railway Department are invited to forward news items or articles bearing on railway affairs. The aim of contributors should be to supply interesting topical material tending generally towards the betterment of the service.

In all cases where the Administration makes announcements through the medium of this Journal the fact will be clearly indicated.

The Department does not identify itself with any opinions which may be expressed in other portions of the publication, whether appearing over the author's name or under a nom de plume.

Contributions are accepted for publication only upon the express condition that the contributor will indemnify the Publishers of the Magazine against all claims made by reason of anything in the contribution constituting an infringement of copyright or being defamatory.

Short stories, poetry, pen-and-ink sketches, etc., are invited from the general public upon New Zealand subjects.

Payment for short paragraphs will be made at 2d. a line. Successful contributors will be expected to send in clippings from the Magazine for assessment of the payment due to them.

The Editor cannot undertake the return of Ms. unless accompanied with a stamped and addressed envelope.

All communications should be addressed to The Editor, New Zealand Railways Magazine, Wellington.

I hereby certify that the publisher's lists and other records disclose that the circulation of the “New Zealand Railways Magazine” has not been less than 24,000 copies each issue since April, 1938.

Controller and Auditor-General


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“… the gleam—the shadow and the peace supreme!” —Wordsworth. Pool of Tapu: the lakelet on an island in Waikare-iti. See article, “Little Walkare,” page 9. (Photo. E. D. Burt.)

“… the gleam—the shadow and the peace supreme!”
Pool of Tapu: the lakelet on an island in Waikare-iti.
See article, “Little Walkare,” page 9.
(Photo. E. D. Burt.)