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Heels 1973

The Whole Story of the Brave Pursuers V the Horrible Heffalumn (Nelson Lakes: 1973, Easter.)

page 18

The Whole Story of the Brave Pursuers V the Horrible Heffalumn (Nelson Lakes: 1973, Easter.)

After extorting up Travers Valley, Rick, Paul, Jim, Diane and Brian bravely ascended halfway up Mt. Travers in an exhaustive misting low. Upon it lifting the Horrible Heffalump became nowhere to be seen and a peery search was necessary for the Saddle over the range. The H.H. was at once excovered far down in the next beeches, and at 90mph the B.P.'s flewed downscree to catch the munster. A wreckcovering was in order that night at West Sabine Hut, for thingslings were very wet. Next day the H.H. was exclosed at spitting Blue Lake. The B.P.'s almost jomped in to catch the meanie but only sickseeded in fleeing the H.H. onto a lonely islet. Meanwhiles, the mountains hid slyly. Down the Sabine the B.P.'s kept saucer eyes for the H.H. (In actual fact they tromped right over the H.H. sunbatting under a bridge.) Nightly at Sabine Hut the Horrible Heffalump ghosted around teething with revenge against the Brave Pursuers. He wicked thort to chase the B.P.'s next day up Mt. Cedric. Morn-ingly, the B.P.'s so fastly ascended Mt. Cedric that the H.H. was left poofing many thousand foots below. A long stop for photos and scroggins in the snow on tops caused the H.H. to terroringly catch up. The B.P.'s fleed to Lake Angelus Hut with exhaust. Next and last bright day the B.P.'s were so early on their way that they disclovered the H.H. pleeping in a snowhole. The last chase along the Robert Ridge nearly plopped all of the B.P.'s plummetting to their deaths. At times' the H.H. poofed only feet away. Rick heroingly grabbed the creepies tail. However, it turned into a snowflake and as the B.P.'s further descended into warmer airs the H.H. disappeared altogether. At last, back at St. Arnaud the B.P.'s, failed in catching the H.H. but greatly fitters, celebrated with an icing cream at a local store (No pub.)


The Brave Pursuers:

Rick Allis

Paul Bruce

Jim O'Brien

Diane Hooper

Brian Watkins