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A compendium of official documents relative to native affairs in the South Island, Volume One.

To all to whom these presents shall come greeting:

To all to whom these presents shall come greeting:

Whereas one of our Commissioners appointed to hear, examine, and report upon claims to land obtained by purchase form the aboriginal inhabitants of the Colony of New Zealand, has reported that the New Zealand Company are entitled to receive a grant of 151,000 acres of land, particularly mentioned and described in Claim No. 3740, and in Claim No. 374b, and in a report by Mr. Commissioner Spain on the New Zealand Company's purchase of land at and near Nelson:

page 69

Now know ye, that we, of our special grace, for us, our heirs and successors, do hereby grant unto the said New Zealand Company all that allotment or parcel of land in our said territory, said to contain 151,000 acres more or less, situate at or near Wakatu, or Waimea, or Moutere, or Motueka, or Nelson, of which the descriptions and boundaries are as follows:—

151,000 acres of land, situate, lying, and being in the several districts of the Settlement of Nelson, in the southern division of New Zealand, which said districts are divided as follows, that is to say, Wakatu or Nelson District, 11,000 acres; Waimea District, 38,000 acres; Moutere District, 15,000 acres; Motueka District, 42,000 acres, (partly surveyed, the remaining quantity required to be selected from the portions of the land coloured red in the plan hereon indorsed); and Massacre Bay District, 45,000 acres (partly surveyed, the remaining quantity required to be selected from the portions of land coloured red on the plan hereon indorsed); which said lands are more particularly described and delineated upon the plan hereon indorsed; Saying and always excepted as follows:—

All the pas, or burial-places, and grounds actually in cultivation by the Natives, situated within any of the above described lands hereby granted to the New Zealand Company as aforesaid; the limits of the pas to be the ground fenced in around the Native houses or huts, including the ground in cultivation or occupation around the adjoining Native houses or huts without the fence; and the cultivations being. those tracts of land which are now used by the Natives for vegetable productions, or which have been so used by any aboriginal natives of New Zealand since the establishment of the Colony; and also excepting all the Native reserves marked upon the plan hereon indorsed, and coloured green—the entire quantity of land so reserved for the Natives being one-tenth of the 151,000 acres hereby granted to the said Company; and also excepting any portions of land within any of the lands hereinbefore described, to which private claimants or any private claimant may have already proved or may here-after prove that they, he, or any of them had a valid claim, prior to the purchase of the New Zealand Company.

And also, excepting and reserving all those pieces or parcels of land which have been set apart as Government reserves for public purposes, with all the rights and appurtenances whatsoever thereto belonging, to hold unto the said New Zealand Company for ever.

In testimony whereof we have caused this our grant to be sealed with the Seal of our said territory.

Witness our trusty and well-beloved Robert Fitzroy, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of our said territory and its dependencies, at Government House, Auckland, in New Zealand, aforesaid, this 29th day of July, in the ninth year of our reign, and in the year of our Lord 1845