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Historic Poverty Bay and the East Coast, N.I., N.Z.



Daniel Cooper (of Cooper and Holt, of Sydney) was conspicuous in the establishment of Australia's dairy export trade. Upon receiving a knighthood he left Australia in 1856 to settle in England. For the personal use of himself and his family on the voyage he took with him some salt butter in earthenware jars. The experiment proved so successful that he arranged with the settler to whom had sold a dairy farm for regular shipments to be made to him in casks. It was then worth 1/6 per lb. in London, but only 4d. per lb. in Sydney.

According to Terry's New Zealand (London: 1842), Daniel Cooper claimed to have bought 2,246,000 acres in New Zealand. The Rev. (later Bishop) W. Williams wrote to Willoughby Shortland (Colonial Secretary) under date 8 May, 1840, as follows:

“I take this occasion to send for the information of His Excellency the Governor some account of a most nefarious transaction which took place in January last, being an attempt on the part of a Captain Rhodes, of the barque Eleanor of Sydney, to dupe the natives out of a tract of land extending from Port Nicholson (Wellington) to the northern side of Ahuriri in Hawke's Bay and, again, from the north bank of the Wairoa River to the north of Table Cape (Mahia). For this land, embracing a coastline of about 160 miles, and intended, no doubt, to extend as far into the interior as may be convenient, property to the amount of about £160 has been paid to the natives…. Most of the native proprietors have never been consulted, and the transaction should not be recognised.”
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Earliest Land Claims: Poverty Bay and East Coast
Locality. Original Buyer or Donee. Date. Area. (Acres) Consideration. Claimant. Award.
Hicks Bay W. Stewart 1825 500 Goods W. Stewart Voided
Turanganui No. 1 J. W. Harris 1831 1 J. W. Harris Granted
Poverty Bay (S.W. side) R. Palmer 1832 5,000 & cash £52 R. Palmer Rejected
Wai-o-ngaruawai Harris & Espie 1838 2 (£10) G. E. Read Granted
St. Patrick's Cove, Mawhai R. Espie 1838 100 (£16) R. Espie Rejected
Whareponga 1839 300 Gift
Tutoko A. Selvey 1839 64 Goods (£12) Wyllie Children Granted
Opou III J. W. Harris 1839 57 J. W. Harris
Te Kupenga T. Halbert 1839 4 (£15) W. S. Greene
No. 1 1845 10 Gift
No. 2 1845 25 Horse J. Dunlop
East Cape T. Bateman 1839 2/5,000 Goods (£100) F. Whitaker Disallowed
Tahuni-o-rangi T. Halbert 1839 15 Goods R. Read Granted
Te Rua-o-taua, etc. G. T. Clayton 1839 1,201 (£341) Natives Rebought in 1851
Pouparae T. Halbert 1839 1,000 Goods & Cash W. Williams Granted
Morgan's Id. G. T. Clayton 1840 1 Goods
Matawhero III W. Brown 1840 58 Gift G. E. Read Granted
Tangotete P. Simpson 5 Steel Mill Natives Rebought part in 1859
Tangotete T. Halbert 1840's 69
Karaua Cooper, Holt and Rhodes 1840 321 Goods and £4 W. B. Rhodes Granted
Wharetunoa „ „ 1840 1 Goods W. B. Rhodes
Huruhuruhuta M. Yule 1840's 4 Coat, etc. G. E. Read
Papawhariki J. W. Harris 1840 200 Gift Harris's Children Outside ceded area
Tutae-o-rewanga R. Espie 1843 154 Goods J. E. Espie Granted
Matawhero IV J. W. Harris 1843 319 Pt. Gift, Goods G. E. Read
Kaiariki No. 1 T. U'ren Senr. 1843 22 Gift Greene's Children
No. 2 „ „ 1843 7 Pt. Gift „ „
No. 3 „ „ 1843 7 Gift „ „
Wainui, Pt. No. 2 W. S. Greene 27 Gift „ „
J. W. Harris 50 Pt. Gift, Goods Harris's Sons
Matawhero II T. Norcross 1845 51 Goods R. Poulgrain
Mangamoteo T. U'ren Senr. 1845 200 Mare and Cow T. U'ren Junr.
Huiatoa C. G. Goldsmith 1854 17 Gift R. Goldsmith
Kopuakairongoua R. Newnham 1850's 4 Goods, etc. Executor
Tauparapara Cadle and Blair 2 A. Blair