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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Why Te Maro Was Shot

Why Te Maro Was Shot.

When we had got some distance from the boat, four men, armed with long lances, rushed out of the woods and, running up to attack the boat, would certainly have cut her off if the people in the pinnace had not discovered them, and called to the boys to drop down the stream. The boys instantly obeyed, but, being closely pursued by the natives the coxswain of the pinnace, who had charge of the boats, fired a musket over their heads. At page 4 this they stopped and looked around them, but in a few minutes renewed the pursuit, brandishing their lances in a threatening manner. The coxswain then fired a second musket over their heads, but of this they took no notice, and, one of them lifting up his spear to dart at the boat, another piece was fired, which shot him dead. When he fell the other three stood motionless for some minutes, as if petrified with astonishment. As soon as they recovered they went back, dragging after them the dead body, which, however, they soon left, that it might not encumber their flight. At the report of the first musket we drew together, having straggled to a little distance from each other, and made the best of our way back to the boat; and, crossing the river, we saw the native lying dead on the ground. Upon examining the body we found that he had been shot through the heart … We returned immediately to the ship, where we could hear the people on shore talking with great earnestness, and in a very loud tone—probably about what had happened, and what should be done.”