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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Te Rakau Slain

Te Rakau Slain.

“In a few minutes, Mr. Green happening to turn about, one of them snatched away his hangar, and, retiring to a little distance, waved it round his head with a shout of exultation. The rest now began to be page break page 6 extremely insolent and we saw more coming to join them from the opposite side of the river; it was therefore necessary to repress them, and Mr. Banks fired at the man who had taken the hanger with small shot, at the distance of about fifteen yards. When the shot struck him he ceased his cry, but, instead of returning the hangar, continued to flourish it over his head, at the same time slowly retreating to a greater distance. Mr. Monkhouse, seeing this, fired at him with ball and he instantly dropped. Upon this, the main body, who had retired to a rock in the middle of the river on the first discharge, began to return. Two that were near to the man who had been killed ran up to the body; one seized his weapon of green tale, and the other endeavored to secure the hanger, which Mr. Monkhouse had but just time to prevent. As all that had retired to the rock were now advancing, three of us discharged our pieces, loaded only with small shot, upon which they swam back to the shore, and we perceived, upon their landing, that two or three of them were wounded. They retired slowly up the country, and we re-embarked in the boats.”

Turanganui River in Cook's Day (“Brett's Early History of New Zealand”).

Turanganui River in Cook's Day (“Brett's Early History of New Zealand”).