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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Old Residents About Makaraka

Old Residents About Makaraka.

“Old Tarr had just come to Makaraka from some other part of the Bay. He had a large family, and many of his descendants are still living in the district. He was living in a slab whare just outside Espie's property. Pilbrow was another resident who occupied a house on land adjoining Espie's (this house after the Massacre was occupied by old James Dunlop, who had a large family. (They raised more in those days than they do now.) Mr. Dunlop, at the time of the Massacre, was living at Te Kohanga, on the bank of Te Arai and had a few acres there. Dick Poulgrain lived just to the westward of Espie's. He had a good house and orchard, and ‘French Bob’ (Robert Newnham) lived a bit further away on the edge of Makauri bush. The only two residences between those around Makaraka and Turanganui were—one in the occupation of Tom Goldsmith (who was head stockman for G. E. Read, and usually had one or more other stockmen living with him); and the other had just been placed in the flax a little eastward of where the Makaraka Hotel now stands. This was on a stedge and occupied by one Mann, who, with his wife, were murdered on that fateful morning—10th November 1868—before we got away. We lived within a mile of Mann.