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Life in Early Poverty Bay

The Gun, the Horse and the Farmer

The Gun, the Horse and the Farmer.

The report of the gun invariably caused consternation among the horses in the vicinity and in this conncetion is an amusing story. There was no bridge over the Waikanae then and the residents had to ride or drive across the stream. On Saturdays the farmers always came into town. On one occasion the late Mr W. S. Greene was crossing the stream when his buggy stuck in the middle. Though he tried every means he could not get the horse to move the vehicle. Mr. Fyson suggested to Mr Greene that he should get into the buggy and hold on tight when the gun was fired only a short distance away. Mr Greene wanted to argue, but there was only two minutes to go to noon. Rather sceptically, he got into the buggy, and in a few minutes had the surprise of his life. When the gun was fired the horse plunged madly and a second later the horse, buggy and rider were on the bank.