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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Tarawera Eruption

Tarawera Eruption.

Great excitement was occasioned in Gisborne on June 10, 1886, on the occasion of the Tarawera eruption. A rather severe shock of earthquake was experienced during the night, and the residents had to breakfast by lamplight. Mr. Fyson came into the street, and met Mr. J. W. Nolan, who commented on the occurrence. The residents were undoubtedly frightened, and as all the wires were down no news could be obtained. Volcanic sand fell in Gisborne and especially heavy falls were recorded at Ormond. The steamer Southern Cross from Tolaga Bay to Gisborne had her decks covered with sand. It was noticeable that no volcanic sand fell at Napier, and this was accounted for by the fact that at the time of the eruption the wind was blowing strongly across towards the East Coast from the direction of Rotorua.