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Life in Early Poverty Bay

A Postal Problem

A Postal Problem.

In the course of his duties as a postal carrier, Mr. Fyson was often called upon to exercise his ingenuity to decipher addresses. One day, however, a letter came to the office which caused general consternation, as for some time no one could make head nor tail of it. The staff were called in and even the aid of outsiders sought, but it was almost useless. Mr. Fyson put forward his theory, which met with general assent, but one line was still missing, and to this day, so far as is known, no one has interpreted it. The address on the letter was as follow:—

Drawing of a bell, followed by the letters E.R.,

C/o the old Jew who taught Oliver Twist to steal, 49 Where Peary Went Street Fresh Place, Home of the Rarest Bird, New Zealand.

Mr. Fyson's interpretation was as follows:—

Mr. Beller, C/o Mr. Fagin 49 North Street, Newtown. New Zealand.

“The Home of the Rarest Bird” baffled all. The problem was solved so far as the Gisborne office was concerned by Mr. Fyson writing across the envelope, “Try Palmerston North!” What the Manawatu staff did is not known, but nothing further was heard of the letter.