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Life in Early Poverty Bay

A Remarkable Prophecy

A Remarkable Prophecy.

In 1888, Mr. Rees, on his way to England, visited Washington and was received by the President, but found that Germany had gained later by diplomacy what for the moment had been snatched from her grasp. In London he learned that England had withdrawn entirely from Samoa.

He wrote the whole dramatic story for the Nineteenth Century (Nov. 1888) ending with a remarkable prophecy that, when the Great War came, the broken pledge of Germany to a Native King would meet with just retribution, and that the nation would have bitter cause to regret the leadership of the Kaiser, then newlycrowned and seemingly with a brilliant future before him. The article closes with the words “When that day comes, Malietoa and Samoa will be avenged.” It was strange that the first German possession lost in the Great War should be Samoa, taken by our New Zealand Expeditionarv Force before the end of August 1914.