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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Great Interest in the Scheme

Great Interest in the Scheme.

A most influential committee, including Lord Onslow, the Earl of Aberdeen and fifteen or twenty equally well-known men and women, with the Marquis of Lorne as chairman, was set up to help Mr. Rees in London. His book on economics “From Poverty to Plenty” brought his mission still more prominently forward. He took an office at Westminster. Requests for lectures came from the most diverse quarters. One day he would address the leaders of thought or society; the next, perhaps a Radical Club in the Mile-end Road, a country debating society, or a vegetrian dinner-party. He attended the meeting of the British Association at Bath and read a paper on ‘Economics’ which aroused considerable interest. The newspepers throughout England reported every fresh step taken in his campaign, and the New Zealand press published frequent cables about the interest he was arousing.