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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Shock Whilst Scouting

Shock Whilst Scouting.

On a scouting trip near Ngatapa, related Mr. Goldsmith, they had seen no signs of the Hau-Haus, despite warnings from friendly Natives that the enemy had come down from the hills. Proceeding to Patutahi, the scouts heard Natives talking on the other side of the river, but could not tell whether they were friendly or otherwise. Night came on and they camped at a redoubt situated on what is now Mr. Ewen Cameron's place at Makauri. During the dark hours, they again heard Natives talking, but could not run the risk of attracting their attention, for fear they should prove hostile. Morning came, the neighborhood appeared deserted and, after returning to Makaraka for the following night, they once more made their way out to the Ngatapa Flats. Still they had perceived no Natives who were definitely hostile, but they came on traces of a camp-fire. Back they came to Pukepuke in the Patutahi Valley. Mr. Goldsmith was some distance ahead of the rest of the party, when he noticed a number of Natives coming down a hill towards them. Extensive scouting had revealed no trace of the Hau-Haus and he, concluding these were some of the friendly Natives, took no notice of them. Mr. Goldsmith and this party gradually approached one another and when they were only two hundred yards away they suddenly discharged a volley at him.