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Life in Early Poverty Bay

A Hot Pursuit

A Hot Pursuit.

“It was a nasty shock,” commented Mr. Goldsmith, “but I didn't take long to get over it, you may be sure, and I cleared back up a hill towards our own men. There was too much excitement in it for my comfort and I can't understand yet how they missed me, for they kept up their shooting as I dashed up the hill-side and down the other side to safety. it was fortunate for our men that I did get away, for no others in the party knew the lay of the land about there. The Hau-Haus outnumbered us greatly and we were placed in an awkward position, being in a valley with a wide swamp at our rear. By coming to the hill-top, which they could have done with perfect safety, the enemy could have picked us off at leisure. Fortunately I knew an easy path along the edge of the swamp and so we galloped along this to the more open country at the bottom of the valley. When the Hau-Haus reached the hill-top, we were well away, but they wasted little time in setting out hotly after us.”