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Life in Early Poverty Bay

A Gallant Rescue

A Gallant Rescue

Mr. Goldsmith was rather diffident about relating an incident of this chase and passed it off with a few words. It appeared that one of the scouting party was mounted on a horse of indifferent quality and rapidly fell behind the others. Eventually his mount became completely “puffed” and came to a standstill. The Hau-Haus rapidly approached and none of his comrades would risk a dash back to rescue the unfortunate straggler. Mr. Goldsmith, who was up with the leaders, on noticing the man's plight, immediately checked his mount, turned and rode back to his assistance. Tearing along at full gallop, he called to his comrade (who had then dismounted and was running after the fleeing party) to be ready to jump. The rescuer swung his horse in a circle without checking the pace at all, came up by the dismounted man, gripped him, and half supporting him across his leg and page 148 halt-dragging him along the ground, carried him to a safe distance when the horse could slow down and the rescued man climb up behind his rescuer. Meantime the advancing Hau-Haus were emptying their rifles at the pair, but neither was touched. The rescued man's name was Campbell. It should be remembered that, at this time, Mr Goldsmith had only one sound arm.