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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Election of First Council

Election of First Council.

The candidates for the first election for the Borough were: Stubbs, J. H.; Smith, Carlaw (elected); Nasmith, Matthew (elected): Adams, Thos. (elected); Crawford, W. F., who became Mayor; Kelly, Richard; Boylan, Hy.; Morgan; Ross; Brown, E. K. (elected); Warren, John; Teat (elected); Adair, William (elected); Tutchen, Josiah; Clayton (elected); Cooper, Robert; Taylor, Brooke; Townley, John (elected); Best. Alas, the majority of the above old townsmen are resting in their last sleep. Many of their descendants, are, however, still with us. I do not know if any of those old candidates are living. Some of them went to Australia, including Kelly, Brown and Stubbs. The “G.O.M.” Crawford rests in Auckland cemetery. I think there should be one more on the Council, but I cannot place him, as fifty years is a long time to test one's memory. There are some amongst us who worked for the first Council. Mr. Thomas Saddler is one of them.