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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Why Tutere Was Tomahawked

Why Tutere Was Tomahawked.

The Europeans of to-day should be reminded that many of the loyal Natives of Tapatahi made great sacrifices on behalf of their white sisters and brothers. Tutere, for instance, was tomahawked, after refusing for a second time, to tell the rebels which route the fugitives from the Massacre area had taken. On account of the loyalty of Henare Turanga, the British soldiers, after the fight at Paparatu, were saved. Henare Turanga was also known as Henare Kakapango. Te Kooti got between the soldiers and Gisborne. Henare summed up the position well and led the pakehas by an unexpected track. Henare Turanga's action was never fully recognised by the Government. Te Poti, his father, was killed by Te Kooti, because he refused to leave the pa. When threatened with death he said: “I am old; I will die on the land.” Many of the descendants of Henare Turanga are still alive. Those who were taken prisoner by the Hauhaus lost their lives. In the circumstances, it was hard to find fault with Major Ropata, when he took such stern measures with all the rebels who had taken part in the Massacre and fell into his hands.