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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Born a Bohemian

Born a Bohemian.

Possessed of the true Bohemian spirit, Sir James then filled in several years on neighboring stations. He was happy when mounted on a sturdy gee-gee and the mustering of sheep and cattle proved an ideal life for him. It so happened, too, that he began at that time to develop a strong thirst for knowledge. Around the camp-fire at night he had, amongst his companions, a number of well-educated young fellows from Home. He proved a good listener, and there were debates on all manner of interesting subjects and argument often waxed fierce and long. Sir Jas. found that he was now receiving a college education without having to stir abroad. But, at last, the day came when his father decided that young Carroll was cut out for something better than a station hand, and he was bundled off to Napier to be a cadet in the branch of the Native Land Department there under Mr. Samuel Locke, Disrict Native Commissioner for the East Coast. Sir James wearied of the office stool, but found pleasure in perusing books by eminent authors which he found lying about.