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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Simple Method of Filling a Section

Simple Method of Filling a Section.

On the section adjoining Mr. Smith's, there settled, a little later, a painter named Mr Freyer At the back of Mr. Freyer's home was a patch of raupo, growing in a pool of swampy water. Heavy rain fell one night and, in the morning, Mr. Fryer got up, picked up his kettle, intending to fill it at a well in his back yard, and opened his back door. A stretch of water, a foot deep and extending to the standing manuka behind his section, met his gaze. Had the water risen half an inch higher it would have flowed into the house. That morning, Mr. Fryer filled his kettle at his back door without stepping a pace outside. In order to fill in the swampy ground about this raupo clump, this Mr. Fryer helpea himself to parts of Gisbone's thoroughfares, going round the streets and roads with a wheel-barrow and scraping up all the loose surface. Possibly, in these days, such a course of action might not be tolerated! Fortunately for Mr. Smith, his section was on slightly higher ground than that of Mr Fryer and he was never flooded out.