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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Town Now in the City Stage

page 191

Town Now in the City Stage.

The development of a permanent water supply then followed, together with a comprehensive sewerage scheme, tramways, electric light and power, station, improved roads, bridges, etc. But, once again, there is now need to augment these facilities. To-day the Borough is considering the advisableness of securing a more adequate water supply, and special reports have been obtained on the matter. As the town grows, so does the need arise for an extension of the sewerage and the outer areas are now clamouring to be served. The electric power and light station has fallen into the hands of the Poverty Bay Power Board, which has agreed to take a bulk supply of juice from the State works at Lake Waikaremoana and is now busily engaged reticulating the district. As regards roads, a re-construction policy is in progress, up-to-date methods being employed to provide good wearing, smooth surfaces. The town's two main bridges are not surpassed elsewhere in the Dominion. As regards the tram system it was not a happy financial venture and bids fair to be replaced in time by 'buses, some of which are now being operated by the municipality. Much further municipal work requires to be done, but it is being tackled in a business-like way. Up till date the Borough has expended £694,498 on municipal works. Its annual interest bill is £33,323. Its accrued sinking funds total £55,260.