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Life in Early Poverty Bay

Work on East Coast

page 201

Work on East Coast.

By this time, the Council and ratepayers began to direct their attention to the condition of the East Coast road, with the result that, in 1917, a loan of £1600, with an additional 10 per cent., was raised for the construction of the Pakarae Road, this being followed next year by the raising of £8000 for the formation of the Tolaga Road, also £4000 for the re-building of the Tolaga and Wigan bridges, whilst extensive road and bridge construction work was also undertaken in connection with the Mahunga drain, the Patutahi-Hangaroa road and the re-construction of bridges in the Gisborne riding.

Following upon an insistent demand from the ratepayers the formation of the Hangaroa-Tiniroto Road was undertaken in 1920, for which purpose a loan of £45,000 was raised, while the stormwater draining of Kaiti was also started, a loan of £4000 being raised for the purpose. The public debt of the County increased to £117,217 at the end of the year. In the next five years loans of £3000 and £1000 were raised in Uawa and on Wharerata, while other riding work on the Hangaroa-Tahora, Totangi and Hangaroa-Tiniroto roads was also undertaken.

The necessity for the reconstruction of the whole of the roads of the County was, later, impressed on the ratepayers by the condition of their highways, with the result that a loan of £153,000 was sanctioned for the re-construction of roads and bridges, of which £29,000 was raised and expended in laying down good surfaced roads, while a further £30,941 was raised in 1926, making a total expenditure to date of £358,590.