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The Story Of Gate Pa, April 29th, 1864

No. 10

page 59

No. 10

Copy of a letter from His Excellency the Governor to Colonel Carey:—

Sir,—In reply to your letter of the 23rd inst., pointing out certain difficulties which might arise in carding out the instructions contained in my letter of the 20th inst., I have the honour to express my thanks to you for the discretion with which you have acted in this matter, by delaying, after the facts the Civil Commissioner brought to your knowledge, to act on those instructions until I had an opportunity of again communicating with you.

I have now the honour to request that until otherwise instructed you will not adopt any aggressive movement aganst any natives, and that you will not seize the cattle or destroy the crops of any natives whom you are not satisfied are open enemies, but at the same time you should, if possible, intercept all armed parties passing by the Tauranga route to aid the natives now in arms against us in the interior districts.

I have, etc.,


Government House,
25th January, 1864.