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The New Zealand Evangelist

A Scripture Puzzle — The Titles of Christ.

A Scripture Puzzle.

The Titles of Christ.


The name by which an Apostle announced him.


The title by which a Prophet declared his Eternity.


A name by which St. Paul, quoting from the Old Test., recommended him to the sons of Jacob at Rome


The title by which a Prophet and an Evangelist describe the union of natures in his person.


A name which declares his divine commission to be a Priest and King.


The title by which a fearful Disciple acknowledged his Mission.


A name which describes his relationship to David.


A title and type of Christ, which as a type is figuratively said to have accompanied the Israelites in the Wilderness.

The whole.

The title descriptive of the present offices of Christ.

The first letters of the eight answers form the answer to “the whole.”

Will any of our young friends furnish the answers for the above for our next number?

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