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The New Zealand Evangelist

London Missionary Society.—

London Missionary Society.—

The Fifty-fourth Anniversary of this most honorable and useful Institution was held in Exeter Hall, on Thursday, May 11, Mr. Alderman Kershaw, M.P. in the Chair. The Society was extending its powerful influences in every direction. The calls for assistance were multiplying, but the means were wanting. For the seven years previous, the Expenditure had exceeded the Receipts by £9,000 per annum, so that they had now an excess of expenditure of more than £63,000, which had been met by the sale of Funded Property, by the Jubilee Fund, and Special efforts. The income for the year was £77,614 16s. 5d. The Expenditure was £79,265 5s. 1d. Sir Culling E. Eardley, and Dr. Candlish were amongst the speakers at the Meeting.

The Church Missionary's forty-eighth Anniversary Meeting, on Tuesday, May 2, was honoured by the Presidency of His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, who since his elevation to the highest clerical dignity in the realm, appears to be as “ready for every good word and work” as ever. The Institution, like all its contemporaries, had to complain of excess of expenditure over Income. The Income was £91,980 13s, 7d. The Expenditure £98,408 1s. 4d. In all other respects the Society was in a very satisfactory state. Success had attended and was attending the labours of their agents. The prospect for the future was considered very hopeful and encouraging.