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The New Zealand Evangelist

Barking Sheep.—

Barking Sheep.—

Rowland Hill once said, “that the wolves should bark at the sheep is very natural, but that the sheep should bark at each other is too bad.” Some one replied to him, “It is only a constitutional cough that the sheep have got.” To which he instantly retorted, “Then it's a proof they're rotten, Sir.”

Cheap Religion.—It is a maxim from heaven, “Honour the lord with thy substance.” He who has a religion that costs him nothing, has a religion that is worth nothing; nor will any man esteem the ordinances of god, if those ordinances cost him nothing* — Comp. Bible.

Exemplary Patience.—At a session of the court, Judge Olin was violently attacked by a young and very impertinent attorney. To the manifest surprise of everybody present, the Judge heard him quite through, as though unconscious of what was said, and made no reply. After the adjournment for the day, and when all had assembled at the inn where the judge and many of the court folks had their lodging, one of the company, referring to the scene at the court, asked the judge why he did not rebuke the impertinent fellow. “Permit me,” said the judge loud enough to call the attention of all the company, among which was “the fellow “in question, “permit me to tell you a story. My father, when we lived down in the country, had a dog—a mere puppy, I may say. Well, this puppy would go out every moonlight night, and bark at the moon for hours together.” Here the judge paused, as if he had done with the story. “Well, well, what of it? “exclaimed half-a-dozen of the audience at once. “Oh, nothing—nothing whatever! The moon kept right on, just as if nothing had happened!—