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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 1, Issue 5, December 1961

Opening of Railway, 1873

Opening of Railway, 1873

Both Mr E. Chisnall and Mr D. Giblin had vivid memories of the opening of the railway in 1873. It was obviously a day which called for great celebrations and from what can be gathered the opportunity was not allowed to pass. There may have been other freight on the train, but all that seems to linger in the memory of the beholders is that there were barrels aboard, and there seems little doubt that they were returned empty.

The first sod for the railway was turned in Saxton's paddock, and the work was then carried back towards the town. The first train merely ran from Nelson to Saxton's road, where a siding had been put in. Nelson to Saxton's Road was one of the separate contracts let for the construction of the railway.

Local memory cannot tell us who made the speeches on the great occasion, but it seems probable that it was an official connected with the Nelson Provincial Council, which was then the governing body.