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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 1, Issue 5, December 1961

New Members and Officers

New Members and Officers

New members elected were: Miss G. A. Bisley, Mr G. J. H. Reid and Mr and Mrs C. V. Neale.

The following officers were eected to the executive committee: Messrs L. E. H. Baigent, J. A. Jenkins, B. E. Dickinson, H. C. Collins, W. J. Glasgow, G. Gould, P. B. Griffin, L. W. Field, J. E. R. Paterson, T. R. Jameson, J. N. W. Newport and Archdeacon H. F. Ault.

Mr Griffin was re-elected honorary treasurer and Mr J. R. Oliver honorary auditor.

The incoming president and secretary are to be elected by the executive committee.