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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 3, Issue 3, September 1977



One of the chief aims of an Historical Society is to preserve and publish local history. We are pleased to announce the publication by the Society of F. G. Gibbs by Shonadh Mann.

Since we last published book reviews there have been several publications by members of the Society:

Golden Bay, 100 Years of Local Government by J. N. W. Newport was one of the winners of the Sherrard Award for Local History, 1976. In it Mr Newport gives a clear account of the various local bodies in that area since counties were established.

Difficult Country, an Informal History of Murchison by Margaret C. Brown traces the story of that area from the early explorers through the gold-mining era to present day fanning.

Land of Streams by Kenneth Gregory is the Waimea County Centennial publication. In it the author seeks to give a picture of life in the county over the past hundred years rather than a record of county procedure.

Collingwood Church Centenary Booklet by Rev. P. J. Taylor and J. N. W. Newport continues the story of Collingwood from 1912 where the previous book, Collingwood finished.

Pakawau School Centenary Booklet by Enid Scrimogeur gives a full account of schools in that area.

Nelson Provincial Council by H. F. Allen published by the Society is still available, and gives an interesting account of the workings of the Provincial Council.

page 40

Living and Loving by Pearl E. Neal is the story of the Leov family in Rai Valley.

Murchison Centennial Booklet contains 50 coloured photographs and 16 pages of text.

Due for publication shortly are:

Sovereign Butter, Seventy jive Years of Dairying in Golden Bay by J. N. W. Newport.

Early Tides to Wakapuaka, 1842–1892 by P. V. and N. L. Wastney (published by the Nelson Historical Society)

Landfall Nelson, Early Sailing Ships, 1642–1842 by June E. Neale.

In Preparation: Riley Family History by Enid Scrimogeur

Back numbers of most Journals of the Nelson Historical Society are available. The 1977 Journal of the New Zealand Federation of Historical Societies has just come to hand. This is a particularly good number containing 24 articles dealing with a wide variety of topics from various areas including Nelson. We recommend it to our readers.