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Journal of the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies, Volume 1, Issue 3, November 1983


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This is the third issue of the combined Journal of the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies and it is pleasing that material is continuing to come forward for publication. There is no doubt a lot more should be published or at least written down. We all have a role to ensure that this is done but all too frequently we do not accept that responsibility. For example how often has someone, as likely as not a relative, told us something of interest, yet did we pursue it and try to find out more? – probably not. Similary many of us have researched a topic for a talk, prepared some notes but taken it no further. It is not necessary that all material be published for if it is on file in a museum, it could later form the basis of an article or perhaps provide vital information for a further researcher. There is also a choice of where to publish, ranging from a sentence or two in a historical society newsletter to a book in its own right. In between this is our own journal.

In this issue of the journal it is heartening to see articles on both Nelson and Marlborough topics. This is fitting as the history of our respective areas are closely interlocked and all topics should be of interest to the members of both societies. Again it is to the efforts of our editor, Mrs Margaret Brown assisted by Mr J. N. W. Newport and Miss N.Anderson that the journal maintains its high standard and continues a series that started in 1955 with the first issue of the Journal of the Nelson Historical Society. Our sincere thanks go to Mrs Brown and her team.

M. R. Johnston.

Nelson Historical Society.