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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2, 1998

Wednesday 13th February

Wednesday 13th February

Slept till 7.45 am. First Mate's cooking day, porridge and bacon and eggs etc. Skipper got on his pretties and then, while First Mate was washing up and tidying the ship, went ashore to call on the Winters and took Mr Winter a plug of tobacco.

Returned to the ship at about 11 am when a start was made for Mr Campbell's. We were welcomed by Mrs Campbell, Miss Ethel McKay, Miss Campbell, Mr Colin Campbell and also Miss Donaldson, who has only recently gone there. In the afternoon we went out to get a feed of blackberries, then back to the house where Miss Donaldson played selections, which were very much appreciated by all hands. Afternoon tea, at which the Skipper excelled himself and was seen to eat ten large cakes and drink four cups of tea. He is not very well just now. Tea was served at 7 pm and once again the old sea dogs came to the fore.

After tea we gave a hand to wash up and then adjourned to the drawing room and had more music. The First Mate was caught in a weak moment and gave the company the pleasure of hearing his really fine tenor voice in two songs. It was noticed, however, that at the end of the second song there were only the pianist and himself present. Prepared to make a start for the yacht soon after ten and received a very pleasant surprise in me shape of a beautifully iced birthday cake, which the ladies had made during the afternoon on hearing page 24that it was the Skipper's birthday on the morrow. Got back at midnight and turned in, setting the alarm for 4.30 am when we intended starting for Torrent Bay.

Altogether we had a most pleasant time in Awaroa, where everyone we met was kindness itself, and it was with feelings of regret and promises of an early return that we managed at last to tear ourselves away.