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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2, 1998

Thursday 14th February

Thursday 14th February

We were aroused at 4.30 am by the sweet chimes of the alarm and, by exerting all our superlative will power, at last managed to get up. Commenced getting under weigh at once and by 5 am had made a start, clearing the entrance soon after. Off Awaroa Head the wind dropped, leaving us in a heavy NW roll. It soon overtook us again however, and became a fairly stiff blow. There was a big sea running and the First Mate nearly disgraced himself, but was saved by the internal application of a few biscuits and came through the ordeal with flying colours. The sun was now getting up a bit and the warmth was greatly appreciated. Had a good run down as far as Bark Bay, where the wind dropped and we were left walloping about in the roll and sun. First Mate did not succumb, wonderful to relate.

Arrived at Torrent Bay at 8.30 am and brought up in the cove close to the Maid of Italy, which had arrived at 5 am. Had breakfast at which the Skipper's health was proposed, together with birthday wishes, and was drunk in a mug of chocolate (specially brewed for the occasion by the Skipper himself).

After breakfast called on Captain Tregidga, got a piece of bait from him and went fishing, taking with us some apples and a tin of toffee (a present given us before leaving Nelson). Had fairly good luck and succeeded in landing about half a dozen rock cod and some perch. Went ashore and cleaned the fish and had a glorious swim. Next had dinner (fried fish and stewed plums). After dinner went ashore taking the Skipper's birthday cake and a tin of ox tongues with us, as we intended having tea with Captain Tregidga. On shore we played skittles, crew of the Madge against the crew of the Maid of Italy.