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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2, 1998

Tuesday 5th February

Tuesday 5th February

The Skipper came down again in the morning and, after taking the professional opinion of me Pilot and crew, we decided to board me Madge and see how things went. Immediately on our clearing the entrance the ship Zealandia got under weigh and we were in company with her me whole of me day. The effect was very grand as one by one she got her sails out, until by the afternoon she had all her sails set. There was a nice little breeze blowing, varying from NE to NW, and also a nice long swell much appreciated by me Mate. Breeze held good till about 2 pm, by which time we were off me Bluffs and had left me Zealandia about a mile astern.

Arrived off Motueka at 4 pm and were just proceeding to lower sail and wait for me tide, when our wormy Skipper noticed mat the Zealandia had picked up a nice breeze and was bowling along at a good pace. We men decided to run on as far as Astrolabe.

Breeze held splendidly and Astrolabe was reached just on me last of it, as me sun was setting behind some very fine clouds. (Note by the Skipper: did me Mate expect the sun to set in front of the clouds?). Just before running behind Fisherman's Island we saw in me distance the last of our comrade of me day, me Zealandia, which looked most majestic disappearing in the dark of the evening. The Skipper shed a tear. Brought up in the Horseshoe about 7 pm. Set tent, had supper and then went ashore to see the glow worms in the cave. They were very fine and looked like planets. Went on board again and had a page 20light supper. Smoked and read and then went to sleep. Set the alarm for 3.30 am in hopes of getting a SE breeze but it didn't eventuate.