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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2, 1998

Thursday 7th February

Thursday 7th February

Turned out at 6.30 am and had a splendid repast (First Mate's day as cook) consisting of porridge (properly cooked for a change) ham and eggs (not burned to a cinder) and cocoa, finished off with toast and jam. Cleared Torrent Bay heads at 9.30 am, light SE breeze blowing. Saw three large sharks off Sandfly Bay. We had a really splendid run up the bay as far as Awaroa Heads where rain began and both got our oilskins on. Passed Separation Point 11.45 am and arrived off the Tatas at 12.45 pm. Got alongside the Waitapu Wharf at 1.30 pm and there made me acquaintance of Mr John Bain, commonly called Jack, and obtained much useful information on the subject of his health for quite a number of years past

After lunch and a wash and shave, (the latter much against the First Mate's will) we strolled up the village road to call on Mr and Mrs Harold Williams. We found Mrs Williams hard at work making jam. She prepared tea for us to which we did ample justice. We then inspected their farm and after some time Mr Harold Williams, who is an old friend of the First Mate, came along, having given a music lesson. We immediately set him to work on the piano and thoroughly enjoyed the selections he gave us.

At 9.30 pm we left to move me ship out of the way of the Lady Barkly which arrived at 10.05 pm. We interviewed Captain Stevens and learned from him that the weather was still SE outside, and from personal observation made by our Skipper came to the conclusion that most of the passengers had found the roll more than sufficient. We determined to drop down into the pool off Pipi Point and, if possible, to get out of there on the next tide for Collingwood. Got down to the pool at 1 am, let go anchor and turned in.