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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2, 1998

Friday 8th February

page 21

Friday 8th February

Crew arose at 6 am. Extremely disagreeable morning. It being the Skipper's cook day, he prepared some porridge in his usual masterly style. The Mate tried for a third helping but none was obtainable. At 9 am the weather cleared a bit and we decided to get the ship out of Waitapu as early as possible on the tide and get to Collingwood on the same tide. We eventually got out at 10.30 am and took a tack out towards the Tatas, came about and at first only headed up as high as Parapara, but the wind gradually allowed us to point up to Collingwood. Arrived off Miles's Point at 1 pm, when the wind left us suddenly. This was rather unpleasant as it was now only an hour off ebb tide. Just as things were beginning to look black a light westerly breeze came out of Collingwood and we managed, by very careful sailing, to beat in over the tide. On rounding the point at the back of Collingwood we were hailed by Dr Fisher, an enthusiastic yachtsman who gave us directions about the channel. The Skipper however, a most obstinate old fellow, took no notice and after about two tacks succeeded in running us onto the mudbank in the middle of the harbour, where the ship had to stop till nearly midnight. As soon as the Madge had been made snug, legs on etc, and after a light lunch, we went ashore to send letters home.

Next business was to get tea, so we went round to the butcher and baker, got a new loaf and a pound of chops and returned triumphant to the ship. Turned in for an hour or so at 10.30 pm, setting the alarm for midnight. Madge started to float at about 11.00 pm, however, so we turned out and took her alongside one of the timber wharves.