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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2, 1998

Saturday 9th February

Saturday 9th February

Turned out at 6.30 am, breakfast 7.30 am. Good breakfast (Mate's day). Started for Parapara at 8 am, leaving the ship in charge of master Norman Kitching, a nephew of the harbourmaster. Walked along the beach and around the mudflat. Nice morning and enjoyable walk. Got to Parapara soon after 10 am and adjourned to the orchard. After a regular gorge of peaches and apples found Mr Arthur Washbourn, who had heard we were in Golden Bay or likely to be. Pottered about during the day, both feeling very sleepy, not having had more than 4 – 5 hours any night since leaving Nelson. Tea at 7 pm. Roast beef, cabbage, junket, cream galore. Turned in at 8.30 pm and had a good night's rest.