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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2, 1998

Monday 11th February

Monday 11th February

We were called for breakfast soon after 7 am. After breakfast we strolled up to see the ironstone and then called on Mrs Duncan who played to us on the organ. After that we took leave of Mr Washbourn and squared away for Collingwood, where we arrived after about one and a half hour's toil up the beach. Went up to see how much of the Madge was left and found her all right. Filled the water cans, posted letters and then got under weigh. A sea breeze came in and we were beginning to congratulate ourselves on a nice run across to the Tatas, but this was not to be, for soon after clearing Miles's Point the wind changed to SE and got very light.

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By sundown we were off Onekaka. The wind now departed altogether and left us flopping about in a nice easterly roll that was coming into the bay. About 10 pm a light breeze drawing out of Waitapu carried us a mile or two. Next a NE breeze blew up, carried us on a mile or two further and then dropped. By variable breezes, into the Tatas, where anchor was dropped about midnight, 10 hours from Collingwood. Turned in at 12.45 am.