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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2, 1998


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This is the second volume published under the revised banner of Nelson Historical Society (Incorporated) Journal since the Marlborough Historical Society withdrew from joint publication; that was in 1996. The society's aim to publish an annual Journal has not been achieved due to the slow accumulation of scripts. Delay has made it possible for further material to come to hand for this volume to appear. We have Miss Dawn Smith to thank for her hard work in editing the articles chosen and the efficiency and computer-skills of Mrs Noelene Ford for the excellent presentation of the scripts in the form we see before us. I hope you enjoy their efforts and those of contributing authors. I feel it is possible to achieve our annual aim, if we follow the ideas promolgated in the Editorial in Volume 1 Number 2 of the Journal of the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies' Journal, published November 1982; I quote;

"Perhaps the most valuable work done by societies such as ours is the recording and publishing of original research and reminiscences. We do not realise how quickly changes take place ……. Those of us who are past middle age should be recording on tape or (more especially) writing accounts of conditions in New Zealand as we remember them in our youth. All of us can add a little to the story of our past. Many have found that the reading of old newspapers, diaries and out of print books can be a fascinating habit. We can delve into our family's past, the history of our street or farm, of an old prominent building and find a story that may interest others. We may talk to older people and learn of their way of life. Do try it and don't hesitate to send the results to the Journal ……. it may be just what we are looking for."

I am certain we have many reluctant historians in our ranks who have some fine tales to tell, but are inhibited in their efforts as they feel dney cannot record those gems. May I assure you there are members in the Society willing and able to help those who have such material to prepare it for publication. Have a go!

Max D Lash, President