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Building Today, Volume 1 Number 2 (January 1937)


To deal fully with all aspects of Home Lighting in an article of this size would be a difficult matter, for a moment's thought will be sufficient to bring to mind the innumerable types of homes which call for different treatment. Those who advise, need more than a knowledge of lighting data, which would serve when planning an installation in a factory or an office, for scientific knowledge cannot be applied to the home without careful discrimination. The element of personal taste is a strong one which will often revolutionise all previous ideas. To combine science and art is the ideal. Present-day culture has made our homes places of beauty, comfort and convenience, but for many hours of home life we are dependent on artificial light to enable us to enjoy those benefits. Unhappily, many homes of to-day are less than half lighted, according to the reasonable ideals and principles of the present time, while the cost of good lighting sinks into insignificance when compared with the cost of furnishing and decoration… Physicians recognise that lighting conditions play an important part in life, and the eyes are the first members to be injured by a glaring light source, or to be strained through insufficient light. The evil of glare is only too prevalent in many homes, the most common example being that of an unshaded lamp left exposed to the eye. The other cause of eye strain is due to insufficient light to pursue in comfort the many "close" occupations, such as reading, writing and sewing. These two evils, Glare and Gloom, can be abolished in every room in the house if certain rules are followed. These are of fundamental importance, and might be considered under three headings.