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Building Today, Volume 1 Number 2 (January 1937)

Rock & Water Gardens for Small Sections

page 45

Rock & Water Gardens for Small Sections

The garden on the right is laid out on a piece of ground which slopes gently away from the house, and fits well into its surroundings. A few birch trees, which have been carefully trimmed up to reveal their beautiful white stems, form a natural setting and provide an admirable frame to several delightful vistas. The rock bank is furnished with an interesting and varied collection of choice alpines, which afford drifts of colour through the spring and early summer, supplemented by many dwarf conifers at strategic points to give emphasis to the lines of rock bank. By the edges of the miniature stream, which issues at the top and makes its way by a series of tiny cascades and pools into a large pool at the bottom, room has been found for a variety of moisture-loving plants like the globe flowers, several primulas (such as P. japonica, pulverulenta and helodoxa), a few irises, and bold-foliaged subjects like the saxifrages and rheums. A wistaria is well placed at a corner of one of the pools, whose surface is starred with the sculptured blooms of water-lilies in the summer.

The lower illustration shows a rock garden where water plays a dominant part in the scheme. Care has been taken to disguise the edges of the miniature stream and concrete pool by a margin of rocks between which space has been left for the planting of many choice moisture-loving plants, like the primulas, irises and globe flowers, and many bold subjects like the Saxifrages, which afford contrast and variety in texture.