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Building Today, Volume 1 Number 2 (January 1937)

Garden Court—Mission Bay

Garden Court—Mission Bay

Surrey S. Alleman, A.N.Z.I.A., Architect

With the completion of the block of flats pictured below, Auckland's most popular marine suburb takes another stride forward.

Erected right on the waterfront of Mission Bay, these delightful flats offer home seekers a convenient and artistic solution to their problem. Comprising 20 flats, "Garden Court" reflects the most modern practice in flat design.

Each flat is completely self-contained, and is designed to give the maximum amount of comfort and utility with the minimum expenditure of space.

The kitchenettes, whose layout from a utility and convenience point of view is noteworthy, incorporate every labour-saving device possible, including stainless steel sink benches, with double sinks for the laundering of small articles, disappearing cutting and ironing boards, refrigerators, and adequate crockery, pot and storage cupboards, as well as easily running bins and drawers.

The bathrooms also feature the latest ideas, including built-in generous-sized baths, pedestal basins, towel and medicine cabinets, mirrors, page 22
Two typical interiors at Garden Court are illustrated on this page—a kitchenette above, and below a bathroom.

Two typical interiors at Garden Court are illustrated on this page—a kitchenette above, and below a bathroom.

opaque glass wall linings, rubber flooring, and shielded hot and cold showers.

Colour schemes throughout each flat are artistic and restful, being in the new matt pastel tonings, with which any furnishing scheme will blend to perfection. A most pleasing feature of the layout of each flat is that of the Lounge and Dining-room. These are so placed that when desired they may be combined as one large room for entertaining.

Other features are … Modern lighting fixtures giving soft diffused lighting … Built-in bookshelves … Precast fireplaces … Chromium plated metalwork throughout … Airtight garbage tin cupboard under sink bench with outside ventilators … Well proportioned bedrooms with built-in wardrobes featuring reflex mirrors … Ample light and ventilation, with folding windows in the main rooms … Artistically arranged grounds and gardens.

Last, but not least, every habitable room in every flat has a glorious view of the harbour and its full share of the sun.

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