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Home & Building, Volume 12 Number 6 (June-July 1950)

snack mats for summer meals

page 51

snack mats for summer meals

On lawn or loggia, or wherever you forgather for cooling drinks and summer snacks, equip tray or trolley with these novel mats. The set comprises five various-sized triangular mats, the bigger ones for -plates, the smaller ones for glasses. They are made from stiff, fine-meshed curtain net, with leaf-like loops of bias stitched in rounded corners, then bias bound all round.

The colouring is particularly pleasant. On cool white net the mats have leaves and edging in graduating shades of green and yellow … darkest green on the big mat, medium green on next two and yellow on twin baby ones.

Choose a stiff net or starch a flimsy one. For largest mat fold a 10-inch square of net in half diagonally and round off corners. For leaves cut four 4-inch strips of binding, press in half lengthways; fold strip in half so that ends lie side by side and folded end forms a point, then overlap ends. Stitch leaves in corners. Bind mat all round edge. The other mats are made in same way but from 71/2-inch, 6-inch and 41/2-inch squares, and leaves correspondingly smaller.

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