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Home and Building, Volume 18 Number 1 (June 1955)

A Connecticut House for a Television Executive

page 34

A Connecticut House for a Television Executive

Philip C. Johnson, Designer. Landis Gores, associated.

page 35

Unlike the fussy restlessness that characterizes many houses, this design achieves both clarity of expression and a feeling of repose. The essential horizontality of the structure's disciplined envelope and its quiet colours contribute to its restfulness, as does the simplicity with which masonary and voids have been handled. Careful attention to detail, insistence on a high standard of craftsmanship, and the studied articulation of surfaces and materials are all factors in the effect of orderliness.

To achieve the necessary separation of living, sleeping and service areas in a manner maintaining privacy with a minimum cutting apart of these elements, they have been arranged in U shape about a landscaped patio which becomes the major focus of the design. Such a scheme yields some of the amenities of the attenuated "zoned" plan in a more compact form. A future bedroom wing to the east will complete the scheme.

The roof construction consists of wood joists framing into steel girders supported by masonry and the four interior steel H-columns. With the exception of a small area, the floor slab is built on grade and contains hot-water radiant heating coils.

The ceiling is white acoustical plaster; the walls pale gray glazed brick, white plaster or oak; the floor is black ceramic tile; all exposed metal is painted charcoal gray.

Large recessed fireplace is living room focus

Large recessed fireplace is living room focus