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Home and Building, Volume 18 Number 1 (June 1955)


page 83

There is no necessity to ball in burlap unless the plant is to be moved some distance or is to remain out of the ground for a period of time. As large a root ball as possible should be taken with the plant.

Cut the surface of the soil around the plant of the approximate size of the root ball to be taken with a straight neck square blade shovel. Then sink the shovel as deep as possible around the plant in the cut first made so that when the soil is dug away it will not tear or break the roots. Then dig the soil from around the ball as cut. When this is done, slide the shovel under the ball and loosen the ball and remove to the new location.

When balling in burlap is necessary, small and medium size plants can be dug as above described and set out on a square of burlap which should then be tied securely around the root ball and at the stem of the plant. With larger plants, it is generally better to ball in burlap in the hole. This can be done as follows: Tunnel under the plant; slip the burlap through the tunnel so that part is exposed at each end; cut one side of ball and draw burlap up on that side; cut other side of ball and draw burlap up on that side; tie burlap securely around ball and remove from hole.

The same planting procedure should be followed as set forth except it is generally advised to place only sufficient soil around the plant to hold it in position and then fill hole with water containing B-1 solution, allowing the solution to soak into roots before back filling the hole. It is not necessary to remove the burlap, just cut string from around stem of plants and fold back.

It is best not to transplant on a hot doy, but if such a day occurs on or immediately subsequent to the transplanting, a protecting of cheese cloth or burlap should be placed over the plant for a few days. No fertiliser should be used for a period of at least six months.