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Home and Building, Volume 37 Number 6 (1975)

Pvc Wall Claddings

page 9

Pvc Wall Claddings

Two vinyl wall cladding ranges by Nylex Products (N.Z.) Limited have passed tests by the Building Research Association of New Zealand and will qualify for a Class I spread-of-flame rating.

This breakthrough follows twelve months of liaison between the company's Chief Chemist, Mr Don Waddingham, and BRANZ scientists during which time the PVC formulations were modified to achieve the specified standards. Following the trend to increased fire safety standards, architects have expressed a keeness to select vinyl walling for maximum safety areas.

The two products are Easiclad 76 which has a lightweight woven baking fabric, and Flexiclad 76 which is an unsupported single ply vinyl, both of which have now passed the tests necessary to qualify for a Class I spread of-flame rating in a specific application as backed by Gibraltar board and fixed by suitably-approved adhesives.

Easiclad and Flexiclad applied to other wall board backings must be submitted independently to BRANZ for testing before spread-of-flame certificates can be issued.

Mr K.R. Holmes, National Marketing Manager of Nylex, said: "We believe this to be a significant step forward for safety standards in the building industry. Quite rightly, standards are becoming more stringent and the indications are that this highest spread-of-flame rating could become mandatory for wall cladding products at some time in the future. The tests on Easiclad 76 and Flexiclad 76 carried out by BRANZ were to Australian Standard A30, Part 3, relating to early fire warning. It is considered probable that this will be incorporated into the re-written Chapter 5 of New Zealand Standard 1900.

The four indices measured were:
2.Spread of flame;
3.Heat evolved;
4.Smoke generated

The smoke-generated index for both products was well within the limits of the existing regulations.

A custom design service is available for large orders, such as wall cladding for high rise buildings, in which case the architect may specify the vinyl walling in exclusive patterns or colours.

Easiclad 76 and Flexiclad 76 which will be readily available shortly, should not be confused with regular Easiclad andf Flexiclad, which have Class Two spread of flame ratings when backed by the same plaster board.

Easiclad 76 and Flexiclad 76 are available in widths of 127 cm. from Werner Trading Company and Guthrie Bowron Limited.