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Home and Building, Volume 37 Number 6 (1975)

Materials: A new acrylic stain

page 61

Materials: A new acrylic stain

An acrylic stain, semi-transparent, which caters for the previously difficult to treat hard woods and heart grain has been introduced by a firm with probably the greatest experience in New Zealand in the field of natural finishes for timber.

The Gold-X Olympic timber stain should find a ready market, coming as it does after years of research, and catering for a range of previous problem areas.

The stain is. a water-based acrylic emulsion for interior and exterior use — its semi transparent nature does not obliterate the timber grain. The Olympic stain is quick drying, washable and comes in eight tones which, with intermixing possible, allows for an infinite variety of shades.

The appeal of the stain is its suitability for timbers like Totara, Matai, all dressed timbers, as well as deckings, garden furniture, and laminated beams. A clear finish is not supplied since the manufacturers consider clear unsuitable for exterior application cue to deterioration through ultra violet rays.

Formulated with a high acrylic resin to pigment ratio the resultant film offers low moisture permeability — thus excellent protection from water penetration. This stain is also compatible with all proprietary timber treatment chemicals.

Quick drying time facilitates rapid recoating with the second coat which is recommended. It is important with Olympic stain to use in such a manner that a "wet edge" is maintained. After 24 hours drying mineral turpentine thinned varnishes can be applied.

For a firm long experienced in this field the new range seems a logical expression of its capability.