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Home and Building, Volume 37 Number 6 (1975)

The New Zealand Institute of Architects Inc

page 65

The New Zealand Institute of Architects Inc.

Constituted under the Architects Act, 1963, in order "To promote in any manner which the Institute thinks fit the general advancement of architecture, the acquirement of knowledge of the various arts and sciences connected therewith, and the interests of the profession of architecture in New Zealand" (Section 3 (3) (a) etc.)

President: Robert B. Haughton

HON. SECRETARY: Lewis E. Martin

HON. TREASURER: A.E.J. Williment.

DIRECTOR: S.W. Mitchinson


Maritime Building, 2-10 Customhouse Quay, Wellington, 1. P.O. Box 438

The government and business of the Institute are conducted by the Officers, by Council, which meets about five times a year, and by the Executive and other committees of Council. Members are organised in District Branches for whose business the branch Chairman, Secretaries and Committees are responsible. Many members of the Institute are engaged inprivate practice; many others are employed in government departments, local bodies, companies or private practices; a few are engaged in teaching or various advisory capacities. Members in private practice, who are those normally available to accept commissions from the public, are listed below under their district branches. The list is subject to change but is as nearly correct at possible at the time of going to press.

Wellington District Branch

  • Branch Secretary: S.C. Goodman, 21 Palmer St., Wellington, 1. P.O. Box 551, Wgtn.
  • D.S. Abbott (F), 79 Hatton St, Wellington, 5.
  • W.H. Alington (A), P.O. Box 5136, Wellington, 5.
  • G.D. Anderson (A), P.O. Box 27247, Wgtn.
  • L.K. Arnold (A), 50 Boulcott St, Wellington.
  • Ian Athfield (A), 105 Amritsar St., Wgtn.
  • D.E. Barry Martin (A), Suite 437, D.I.C Bldg. Wellington.
  • A.E. Beard (A), Computer House, 55 Knights Road, Lower Hutt.
  • James A. Beard (F), P.O. Box 5070, Wgtn.
  • J.P. Bentall (A) BNZ Chambers, Lower Hutt
  • S. Berberski (A), School of Architecture, Wgtn, Polytech. Wgtn.
  • J.W. Bertinshaw (A), 219 High St, Lower Hutt.
  • Robt. 0. Blackhall (A), P.O. Box 2029, Raumati Beach.
  • K.E. Blacke (A), D.I.C, Wellington.
  • John Blake-Kelly (F), P.O. Box 12-022, Wellington-North.
  • B.F. Brenton (A), 2a Osborne Place, Lower Hutt.
  • L.E. Brooker (F), 58 Nicholson Road, Khandallah.
  • Gary C.M. Brown (A), 60 Cashmere Ave., Wellington.
  • R.W. Burton (A), 56 Homewood Cres., Karori, Wellington.
  • Kevin Clark (A), P.O. Box 1816, Wellington.
  • Daryl Cockburn (A), P.O. Box 2692, Wellington.
  • I.F. Calder (F), P.O. Box 2692, Wellington.
  • W.Y. Climie (A), P.O. Box 12-235 Wellington.
  • Richard J. Cockcroft (A), Maritime Bldg., 2-10 Customhouse Quay, Wellington
  • K. Cooper (A), P.O. Box 6214, Wellington.
  • James T. Craig (A), 21 Everton Tce., Wgtn.
  • Jon Craig (A), 21 Everton Tce, Wellington
  • J.O. Creagh (A), P.O. Box 10-275, Wgtn.
  • T.H. Daniell (F), StateTheatre Bldg. Masterton.
  • E.V. Dawson (F), P.O. Box 887, Wellington.
  • M.C Edridge (A), 71 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt.
  • F. Eisenhofer (A), 43 Rama Cres, Khandallah, Wellington.
  • Robert Fantl (A), 7 McDonald Cres, Wellington, C.1
  • Detmar A. Fearn (A), Brandon House, Featherston Street, Wellington.
  • S.W. Fearn (F), Brandon House, Featherston St. Wellington.
  • Cedric Firth (A), P.O. Box 827, Wellington.
  • Michael Fowler (F), Box 2692, Wellington.
  • R.G. Freeman (A), P.O. Box 2590, Wgtn.
  • A.L. Gabites (F), P.O. Box 5136, Wellington.
  • John A. Gates (A), P.O. Box 310, Wgtn.
  • H.H. Geddes (A), P.O. Box 11-124 Wgtn.
  • B.N. Girdlestone (F), Bank of New Zealand Chambers, High St. Lower Hutt.
  • E.T. Harris (A), P.O. Box 5070, Wellington.
  • R.B. Haughton (F), P.O. Box 10-275, Wgtn.
  • Ronald G. Henderson (A), P.O. Box 1397, Wellington.
  • P.M. Hill (F) c/o P.O. Box 2466, Wgtn.
  • Burwell Hunt (A), 9b Pitarua St, Wellington.
  • E.N. Inkster (A), P.O. Box 120, Masterton.
  • P.R. Jackson (A), P.O. Box 2126, Wgtn.
  • Bernard W. Johns (F), 15 Edinburgh St, Levin.
  • C.W. Johns (A), P.O. Box 476, Paraparaumu Beach.
  • Warwick A. Keen (A), P.O. Box 27360, Wgtn.
  • W. Kenney (A), 50 Boulcott St, Wgtn.
  • F.E. Kerswill (F), Box 187, Wgtn.
  • A.G. Kofoed (F), P.O. Box 2551, Wgtn.
  • D.C Lloyd (A), P.O. Box 85, Paraparaumu.
  • John M. McKeefrey (A), 2a Osborne Place, Lower Hutt.
  • J.C. Maidens (A), P.O. Box 3139, Wgtn.
  • Lewis E. Martin (F), P.O. Box 5029, Wgtn.
  • R.G. Meldrum (A), P.O. Box 2364 Wgtn.
  • M.S. Miller (A), P.O. Box 887, Wellington.
  • K.D. Mitchell (A), P.O. Box 9050, Wgtn.
  • R.F. Mitchell (A), Bank of New Zealand Chambers, High St. Lower Hutt.
  • Gordon Moller (A), 21 Everton Tce, Wgtn.
  • Graham Naish (A), P.O. Box 9535, Wgtn.
  • Bernard Napp (A), P.O. Box 27360, Wgtn.
  • A.F. Nightingale (A), BNZ Chambers, Lower Hutt.
  • R.D. Norris (A), 509 Stokes Valley Road, Stokes Valley.
  • T. Olsen (A), P.O. Box 310, Wellington.
  • B.E. Orchiston (F), P.O. Box 35, Wellington.
  • M.B. Patience (F), Box 3548, Wellington.
  • J.B. Patience (A), 12 Sugar Loaf Road, Brooklyn, Wellington.
  • William Pearson (A), Bank NSW Bldg., Upper Hutt.
  • R.W. Pierce (A), P.O. Box 9550, Wellington.
  • E.P. Percival (A), P.O. Box 5070, Wellingon.
  • D.G. Porter (F), P.O. Box 5029, Wellington.
  • N.W. Pryor (A), P.O. Box 5070, Wellington.
  • Keith Reynolds (A), 9b Pitarua St., Wellington.
  • M.B. Rock (A), BNZ Chambers, Lower Hutt
  • Jan Rotman (A), P.O. Box 1574, Wellington.
  • K.R.C Rowe (F), P.O. Box 310. Wellington.
  • D.B. Roy (A), 109-111 Molesworth St. Wellington, N.1.
  • Barry I. Rusden (A), P.O. Box 27-243, Wgtn.
  • B.J. Russell (A), P.O. Box 5029, Wellington.
  • John S. Sewell (A), 132 Willis St., Wgtn.
  • G.N. Spence, 4 Benzie Ave, Upper Hutt.
  • C.D. Stapleton (A), P.O. Box 310, Wellington.
  • R.C. Stapleton (A), 72 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt.
  • V.H.C Styles (A), P.O. Box 2692, Wgtn.
  • T.R. Svendsen (A), P.O. Box 5029, Wgtn.
  • M.H. Tebbs (A), 64 Clark St, Khandallah, Wellington 4.
  • S. William Toomath (F), P.O. Box 27247, Wellington.
  • A.L. Treadwell (A), P.O. Box 887, Wellington
  • I.G. Tulloch (A), 1 Orangikaupapa Road, Wellington.
  • K.G.S. Turner (A), P.O. Box 2692, Wgtn.
  • Hal. H. Wagstaff (A), P.O. Box 3956, Wgtn.
  • D. Stuart Wallace (A), 7 McDonald Cres., Wellington.
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  • Ross Webb (A), 84 Kelburn Parade, Wgtn.
  • S. White (A), P.O. Box 471, Nelson
  • C.J. Whitmore (F), P.O. Box 310, Wgtn.
  • A.E.J. Williment (F), P.O. Box 10-275, Wgtn.
  • J.H. Wilcox (A), P.O. Box 2590, Wellington.
  • Derek J. Wilson, (F), P.O. Box 27247, Wgtn.

Aranaki, Wanganui and Manawatu District Branch

  • Secretary: Selwyn G. Churcher, C/- Ministry of Works, Private Bag, Wanganui.
  • R.H.J. Abraham (A), P.O. Box 818, Palmerson North.
  • P.L. Barter (A), P.O. Box 930, Palmerston North.
  • E.E. Belchambers (A), P.O. Box 577, Wanganui.
  • C. Bird (A), 24 Pahiatua St., Palmerston North.
  • G.E.W. Boon (F), Powderham House, P.O. Box 743, New Plymouth.
  • T.W. Boon (A), P.O. Box 195, New Plymouth.
  • M.G. Brogden (A), P.O. Box 1994, Palmerston North.
  • J.W. Cantlon (A), P.O. Box 5024, Palmerston North.
  • D.C. Chappie (A), P.O. Box 1184, Palmerston North.
  • B. Chong (A), P.O. Box 195, New Plymouth.
  • Edgar T. Collins (A), Powderham House, P.O. Box 743, New Plymouth.
  • S. Cowie (A), Powderham House, P.O. Box 743, New Plymouth.
  • Eoin M. Davidson, (A), P.O. Box 45, Palmerston North.
  • B.H. Dickson (A), 38 Brassey St. Wanganui.
  • N.L. Earles (F), Professional Chambers, 162 Wicksteed St., Wanganui.
  • J. Fathers (A), 10 Govett Ave., New Plymouth.
  • B.C. Harding (A), Nelson St. Hawera.
  • B.R. Harvey (A), P.O. Box 880, Wanganui.
  • R.A. Lamont (A), Professional Chambers, 26 Wicksteed St., Wanganui.
  • G. Laurenson (F), Powderham House, P.O. Box 743, New Plymouth.
  • Lloyd C. Love (A), P.O. Box 543, Palmerston North.
  • R.W.H. Low (A), P.O. Box 577, Wanganui.
  • D.R. McCallum (A), P.O. Box 550, Wgtn.
  • Gordon W. Nelson (A), P.O. Box 3043, New Plymouth.
  • Michael Payne (A), 24 Turere Place, Wanganui.
  • E.R. Prince (A), P.O. Box 550, Wanganui.
  • J.R. Roberts (A), P.O. Box 1582, Palmerston North.
  • D.W. Robinson (F), Nelson St. Hawera.
  • R.W. Syme (F), 47 Powderham St., New Plymouth.
  • D.J. Taylor (A), P.O. Box 1175, Palmerston North.
  • D.A. Wilson (F), P.O. Box 577, Wanganui.
  • A.W. Wylde-Brown (F), P.O. Box 1184, Palmerston North.

Hawkes Bay and Gisborne District Branch

  • Branch Secretary: B.J. More, P.O. Box 143, Napier.
  • S.G. Chaplin (F), P.O. Box 122, Hastings.
  • J.C. Corson (A), P.O. Box 701, Gisborne.
  • H.G. Davies (F), 511 Fitzroy Ave. Hastings.
  • A.B. Glengarry (A), P.O. Box 701, Gisborne.
  • M.R.M. Glengarry (F), P.O. Box 701, Gisborne.
  • P.R. Holland (A), 700 Tomoana Road, Hastings.
  • L. Hoogerburg (A), P.O. Box 817, Hastings.
  • C.R. Janett (A), P.O. Box 442, Napier.
  • H.J. Jenner (A), P.O. Box 122, Hastings.
  • G.J. Julier (A), RD 2, Napier.
  • J.S. Kingsford (F), P.O. Box 122, Hastings.
  • F. Kingwell Malcolm (F), 8 Station Street, Napier.
  • N.K. Norwell (A), P.O. Box 122, Hastings.
  • C.A. Pilbrow (A), P.O. Box 537, Gisborne.
  • J.C. Scot (A), 11 Haumoana Rd, Haumoana.
  • H.M. Shattky (A), P.O. Box 442, Napier.
  • G.E. Spence (A), 71 Milton Road, Napier.
  • B.A. Sweet (A), 8 Station Street, Napier
  • C.F.J. Turnbull (A), 53 Meeanee Quay, Napier.
  • R.M. Yeoman (A), P.O. Box 790, Napier.
  • (F) = F.N.Z.I. (A) = A.N.Z.I.A.