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Reports of the Native Affairs Committee, 1897.

Final Report

Final Report.

I have the honour to report that the Committee held its final meeting of the present session this morning.

Eighty petitions were referred for report, some twenty-eight of which were only received during the last week. Time only allowed of twenty-eight being considered and reported on. The fifty-two petitions enumerated in the accompanying list remain undealt with, and will be brought up next session.

The following Bills were referred for consideration, viz.: the Native Land Bill (Mr. Wi Pere), the Maori Council Constitution Bill (Mr. Kaihau), the Horowhenua Block Act Amendment Bill, and the Kapiti Island Public Reserve Bill.

The last two Bills were duly considered and reported on. In each case evidence was taken, and a transcript of the same will be found in Appendix I.–3B and I.–3C.

16th December, 1897.

Petitions undealt with.

No. Petitioner. By whom presented.
27 Meiha Keepa te Rangihiwinui Hon. Sir R. Stout.
33 Eru Toe and another Mr. Houston.
78 Apiata te Parehuia and 40 others Mr. Pere.
139 Maata Kihirini Mr. Pere.
155 Kipa te Whatanui Mr. Kaihau.
161 Ani Paki Mr. Fisher.
171 Ngawhika Tikitere and 3 others Mr. Pere.
172 Ema Tini Enoka and another Mr. Pere.
173 Kararaina Kaimoana and 59 others Mr. Pere.
191 Te Kahui Kararehe Mr. Kaihau.
192 Riria Tinirongoa Mr. Kaihau.
206 Wi Mahuri Mataitaua Mr. Pere.
207 Wi Patene Torohanga and 45 others Mr. Pere.
208 Wawa Tuahiahi Mr. Pere.
231 Maewa Hakirangi and 6 others Mr. Parata.
239 Tamihana Huata and 51 others Hon. J. Carroll.
246 Toke Reko Gourlay Hon. G. F. Richardson.
258 Tahawera Waipa and 5 others Mr. Pere.
259 Hone Tuhata (John Damon) Mr. Pere.
260 Wi Kingi Hori and 5 others Mr. Pere.
262 Ataneta Wharekiri Mr. Pere.
263 Hori Herehero and 16 others Mr. Pere.
264 Topia Turoa Mr. Pere.
265 Te Kowhai Tarahina and 32 others Mr. Pere.
269 Thomas Thoms Mr. Heke.
276 Parahiku Waiporo and 69 others Hon. Sir Maurice O'Rorke.
271 T. H. Smith Mr. Herries.
287 J. Brown and another, for Kauri Timber Company (Limited) Mr. McGowan.
300 Heta Matua and another Mr. Pere.
301 Ema te Urupa Tiakitai Mr. Pere.
305 Te Whare Kotua and 19 others Mr. Herries.
319 Mapu to Amotu and 2 others Mr. Kaihau.page 11
320 Winia Petera Pakuatua Mr. Kaihau.
321 Te Heuheu Tukino and 213 others Mr. Kaihau.
322 Arapera Pahura and 2 others Mr. Kaihau.
323 Pirihira Tarena Urupine and 2 others Mr. Kaihau.
324 Heta Matua and another Mr. Kaihau.
325 Aporo Hare Mr. Kaihau.
326 Hoani Meihana ta Rangiotu and 9 others Mr. Kaihau.
327 Hare Rakena to Aweawe and 42 others Mr. Kaihau.
332 Heta Matua and another Mr. Pere.
333 Heta Matua and another Mr. Pere.
334 Heta Matua and another Mr. Pere.
344 Meiha Keepa te Rangihiwinui Mr. Rolleston.
345 Matapere Ropata Mr. Kaihau.
346 Kihiringi Morenga and 20 others Mr. Kaihau.
347 Hira Rangimatini and 19 others Mr. Kaihau.
348 Numi Kereru and 58 others Mr. Kaihau.
350 M. K. Kapukai Mr. Heke.
220 John S. Wilkinson. C.E. Mr. Stevens.
355 Merehira Paerau Mr. Kaihau.
356 Mehaka Tokopounamu and another Mr. Kaihau.